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Poptani Asia started in 2015 with one vision in mind - A Farm In Every House.

Food crisis, environmental degradation and over population are some issues that is brewing in this world today. The dependencies of urban dwellers on other people to produce food is one huge contributing factor to the problems above. There is enough research to prove that urban farming is a great and simple solution all of us can embark on.

The ‘Pop’ and team are committed to help turn every home into a food production machine as well. Through the use of appropriate technology and innovation, we can now build modular farm units that can suit different types of homes. Some of our designs are completely indoors.

In this quest, we are implementing various urban farming approaches to suit different home conditions, from soil based gardens to hydroponics. Our favourite method is Aquaponics!

Our products and services also cater to different levels, from educational tools for kids to real serious setups that could feed your family. Whichever level you are, we have a solution for you! We’re here to make urban farming convenient, easy, and fun for everyone, one step at a time.

We envision a world where people think of food in so much abundance, because every single person is producing food more then what they consume. Fresh, healthy and plenty!

Let’s put an end to our food problems, one house at a time.


Fish feed plants, plants clean water for fish.

Aquaponics is a more natural and efficient form of home farming. It’s a symbiotic system of fish and plants, where through the simple act of feeding fish, you can quickly grow a variety of plants for cooking. The water in the system cycles around; plants love the nutrient rich fish water, and fish love the water being cleaned for them.

This cycle is the age-old way nature has developed to sustain itself.

Eat natural

Learn about what you can grow in different conditions, and how easy it is to grow and produce delicious meals.

Poptani sells different sized Aquaponics kits which allow you to grow organic herbs, fruit and vegetables. These allow for varying sized fish for decoration or for food.

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